Cyberpunk 2036


The couple sit in their lab and watch the Network 54 news feed. The anchor is speaking to Bryce, the media reporter who had just had his expose hit big ratings. It was the story of a group of people who had been framed for a both the murder of Arasaka Executive Burton Chambers and supposedly running a drug ring through their salvage company in Night City. Bryce explains how these people not only found the evidence to exonerate themselves, but they also exposed the fact that Chambers orchestrated the whole corporate war between IHAG and CINO. He knew it would lead to a conflict between Militech and Arasaka. He did all of this to force Arasaka to unleash the Soul Killer virus. Whoever had hacked Arasaka’s network, not only found the evidence of what Chambers was up to, but also proof that the Soul Killer virus had not been destroyed, contrary to Arasaka’s claims for years.

Bryce’s expose only speculated as to whether the hack of Arasaka’s network had anything to do with the catastrophic accident at the Arasaka Tower. There was an explosion in the nuclear reactor that did extensive damage to the building, requiring it to be completely torn down. There was much concern about radiation damage. Downtown Night City was shut down for several days until the reactor pile could be encased in concrete. Reports of actual radiation exposure was minimal.

In the sixth months since that incident, the people featured in the expose were able reopen the business they owned including Jimmy Two-Teeth’s, the Golden Saloon, and the Platinum Saloon. Jimmy Two Teeth’s got its city contract back. They also have a big law suit pending against Arasaka that they will surely win. Whether they actually collect is another matter.

Arasaka has not fared so well. The Night City tower was the center of their North American operations. Losing it has been a major blow to them. Furthermore, the revelation that the Soul Killer virus still existed has both SOCAL and the US government considering major sanctions against the corporation, including possibly banning them from operating on US soil.

When the interview comes to an end, the woman turns the TV off. She turns to her cyborg lover and asks, “Do we need to do something about them?”

“No,” he answers. “Let them be. They have played their part. All that matters is the Burton Chambers is no longer a threat.”

“So now what?” she asks.

Tobias Luna looks at Dr. Monroe and then turns to look at the frozen form of Jace Grant. He smiles and says “Now we begin.”