Cyberpunk 2036

Episode 44 - The Calm Before the Storm

February 10th – February 21st, 2041

Actions between CINO and OTEC continue to escalate. Unlike before, these actions now bring the two corporation’s security contractors, Arasaka and Militech into direct conflict.

February 22nd, 2041

There is a forced cease fire between the two warring corporations. Both are under threat of takeover by various governments who are tired of dealing with the collateral damage.

February 23rd – February 26th, 2041

Tensions run high, but there is no further bloodshed. A war of words has begun however, between Arasaka and Militech.

February 27th, 2041

A peace treaty is signed by OTEC and CINO. An agreement established as to how the remaining IHAG assets and stock will be handled. The corporate war is over, at least for OTEC and CINO

February 28th – March 5th, 2041

Everything seems quiet for a change. The team decides to expand its presence in the entertainment industry by opening a second Golden Saloon, although this one is to be called the Platinum Saloon. The name reflects the fact that it is closer to downtown and will be marketed toward a higher end clientele then the Golden Saloon.

March 6th, 2041

A senior Militech executive is found dead in his office. There is no determinable cause of death.

March 7th, 2041

There is a massive data raid on Militech’s primary data fortress. Militech is not saying much, but word is it was a massive data loss. RRiptide talks to Colin Fisk. Collin tells him that they have nothing concrete, but the executive who died was jacked into his terminal at the time of his death. A day later, Militech’s data fortress is breached using all of the executive’s access codes. Militech intel officers are talking about a possible new form of the Soul Killer virus, that Arasaka had used back in the early 2030s.

Collin also warns Riptide, that information on him and his team was included in that data breach.

March 8th – March 13th, 2041

Again, things continue to be quiet. Word on the street though continues to be that a corporate war between Arasaka and Militech is coming. Since these two corporations have some of the largest standing armies in the world with the most advanced gear and weapons, the question is, who will stop them?

March 14th – 27th, 2041

Chilean forces harass Arasaka holdings throughout South America. It’s clearly a coordinated effort to shut down Arasaka operations in that region.

March 28th, 2041

Gang war erupts in Washington DC as the Iron Sights, a once Arasaka ally has turned on them.

March 29th – April 4th, 2041

Tensions continue to rise between Arasaka and Militech with accusations flying in both directions regarding various events and incidents.

April 5th, 2041

Arasaka claims it has proof that both the Chilean incident and the Iron Sites uprising were caused by Militech. In retaliation, Arasaka bombs several Militech field offices in South America.

The new corporate war has begun.