Cyberpunk 2036

Episode 52 - The Best Laid Plans

August 17th, 2041

The team borrows Dr. Monroe’s private jet to return to Lima, Peru. There they catch some rest and make some phone calls. The first is to Colin Fisk. Riptide explains that they want to raid the Arasaka Tower in Night City, trash the server and kill Burton Chambers. Colin, once he gets over the shock, asks to meet them in Las Vegas.

The next call is to Ray Stevenson, Riptide’s entertainer friend in Vegas. Ray hooks them up with a suite at the Network 54/MGM Grand.

The third call is to Mouse. He agrees to meet them in Las Vegas as well.

August 18th, 2041

The team charters a plane with their rapidly depleting funds, and fly to Las Vegas. During the flight, they begin to discuss what they need to. The Arasaka Night City Tower is said to be the second most secure building in the world, behind the Arasaka Tokyo Tower. The team decides that this is the time to pull out all the stops and call in every favor they can think of. Zen calls Krissy, who is game for whatever they want to do.

They arrive in the early evening, where they are met by Ray, who takes them to their hotel suite. In a short matter of time they are joined by Mouse and then Colin Fisk who has brought along Sphinx, Militech’s infiltration specialist.

The planning begins, and goes into the early morning hours. Sphinx gives them the layout of the building, explaining that it is officially 130 stories high. The bottom 20 floors are a single structure, but after that, the building separates into two towers. There are crosswalks ever 10 floors starting in the 30th and ending on the 100th floor.

Beneath the building is 12 levels of parking garage, a mechanical level, and finally a security bunker. Inside the bunker is the data core, the building’s power generation, and barracks for 40 troops plus 5 personnel.

The elevators on 1st floor go to the parking garage as well as up to the 20th floor. Level 20 is a security floor, in which people must go through a security checkpoint to transition to another set of elevators to continue up. Those elevators go up to the 90th floor which is another security floor. A check point must be crossed, and new elevators must be accessed to get to the top 40 floors of the building. The top four floors are really a single floor which acts as a hanger a maintenance area for the AVs, ospreys, and helicopters that operate from the roof of the building.

The building is home 1500 workers during the day and about 300 in the evenings, about half of which are security staff. The building also houses about 300 troops, over and above the ones in the security bunker. These troops are housed throughout the building.

Key cards are required to move from floor to floor. The check point on the 20th floor also requires entering a pin code. The check point on the 90th floor requires a retinal scan.
The roof of the building contains anti-aircraft systems and phalanx guns. On the ground level, tanks and power armor have been positioned due to the corporate war.

The team lays out exactly what they want to accomplish. They need to isolate Chambers and Adam Smasher, both physically and communication wise, and eliminate them. They would also like to retrieve any data that they can use to exonerate themselves.

Mouse confirms that Masslight can isolate the tower’s phone and data connections to prevent escape that way. Sphinx points out that there is a transmission tower on the roof of Tower A and a backup in the hanger below. These will need to be destroyed as they have direct satellite links which Masslight cannot block.

Riptide considers an alternate approach. He gets in touch with Tova, aboard the Crystal Palace and asks if she can orchestrate the destruction of Arasaka’s communication satellite. She says that Arasaka has multiple satellites, destroying one would just bring another into position, not to mention cause a shit storm that would have major implications in orbit. The best she can do is create some orbital interference that will put Arasaka’s primary satellite out of position. It would buy them maybe 20 minutes before it is put back in position.

Colin Fisk tells them that Militech is willing to launch an offensive in Night City that will hopefully force Arasaka to pull troops from the building. In exchange, they want the team to plant a bomb on the data core in the basement. It’s a chemical bomb that if brought in in two parts, should get past the bomb sniffers.

Burton Chambers’ home is on the 125th floor of tower B. The personal data backup used by the executives is located on the 85th floor of tower B. This is most likely where they will be able to find Chambers’ personal files that may contain the information they need to exonerate themselves.

The plan is debated for several hours. After many arguments and numerous iterations, the plan comes together.

The team knows that Arasaka will need to use outside vendors for certain things like computer hardware. They decide to find a vendor who has employees with pre-approved security clearance to get into the bunker. They then steal the identity of these employees and bring in the bomb in multiple parts disguised as computer hardware. They will need to acquire a retinal scanner that they can use to get the retinal images of the employees. Heliosand Kahale, who will carry out this part of the plan, with get their cyber optics modified with a feature that will allow them to copy these retinal images.

The others will infiltrate the secured neighborhood in Rancho Coronado, break into the estate of Ikara Koremichi, the IT director for Arasaka’s Night City office. They will first get him to issue the work order that will grant access for Helios and Kahale to the security bunker, and then the rest of team will disguise themselves as Arasaka Security and fly Koremichi back to the tower. There they will go to the 85th floor and have Mouse download the information they need to clear themselves and then head back to the top of the building to disable the transmission towers and kill Chambers and Smasher.

August 19th, 2041

The team loads up a truck they have acquired and begin the drive back to Night City. Zen has a safe house that has hopefully not been compromised that they can use as a base of operations. The plan has a lot of moving parts, any one of which could go wrong causing the whole thing to collapse. This is by far the biggest and craziest thing they have ever tried. Over the last five years, they have developed new skills, learned new tricks and gained new friends. They will need all of them now for this plan to work.