In 2033, Biotechnica announced it had developed a successful clone. This led to a immediate public backlash. Although modification of human beings through genetic engineering was begining to become accepted, the artificial creation of a human being was more than what the public could stomach. The matter was resolved a month later, when the clone, born with a faulty immune system died. Cloning was later banned in the U.S.

At least that is what Biotechnica claimed. The dead clone was simply a still born one. The clone that lived was named Adam and hidden away in Biotechnica’s Night City lab. There he was the subject of endless experiments for the next for years. Then in 2037, Biotechnica’s own research AI Masslight enabled two researches to kidnap Adam and take him to Hong Kong. Adam never made it there. The ship was attacked by pirates and Adam’s body was later recovered by the PCs and returned to Biotechnica.

What the PCs did not share with Biotechnica is that when they came upon the body, it was wired to a computer that was attempting to download his mind. The download operation was being controlled by Dr. Kilacho who claimed that he had succeeded and that Adam was now forever safe from Biotechnica.


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