Adam Smasher


Adam spent his youth in a gang as well as in and out of jail. As soon as he was old enough, he joined the army, where he was part of an air assault unit. He went solo after that, working for several employers, but did repeated jobs for Cyrus Norton. Most were against Militech assets, and most ended in lots of collateral damage.

One particular job a few years ago, which was a hit on a Militech corp, lead to the death of Helios’ bride during their wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, Helios did not learn this until after he and the team helped Adam complete a mission and he was gone.

Sometime later, the team would hear the name Adam Smasher again. Adam paid Winston Lee to do the job in Antigua. Winston says he killed Adam when Adam tried to double cross him.

Adam re-emerged a short time later, now as a full conversion cyborg. He led the assault against the Cult of the New Dawn where Saito shot him in head, seemingly killing him.

Adam Smasher was the beneficiary of new consciousness transference technology and was able to survive his second death. Adam would emerge again a few months later, wiping out the booster gang Death in the Afternoon.

Adam Smasher

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