Alfredo Bruga


Alfredo Bruga is a former financier for Eurobank. Over the course of his career, he became very wealthy, often with the help of another man named Burton Chambers. Eventually Burton would call in the rather significant favor a demanded that Alfredo use his position at Eurobank to call in the debt held by IHAG, a move they both knew would bankrupt the corporation.

Having no choice, Alfredo called in the debt with led to the collapse of IHAG, which then lead to the corporate war between OTEC and CINO, which in turn led to the war between Arasaka and Militech.

Alfredo knew that this is what Burton really wanted, and he knew that made him a target. He disappeared and lived in Kavala Greece for several months until he was found by the team. Knowing that they had led Burton Chambers to Alfredo as well, they helped to disappear again across the border in Turkey.

Alfredo Bruga

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