Alys Grant


Alys Grant works as a middle manager for Infotech. Despite her less than stellar salary, she lives in a very nice apartment, wears top of the line clothes and jewelry, and can afford to send her son Jace to the Bartholomew School for Advanced Studies.

When Jace was kidnapped, she hired the team through Hand to rescue him. She was very adamant about the incident staying out of the media. But when she later learned that the team had covered up the facts regarding who took him, she hired another edge runner team to take out the team. She did however have Hand eliminated. The team confronted her and told her that if she ever went after them again, they would kill her.

A couple years later, Riptide tracked her down and demanded to know what was the story with her and Jace. She told him that Infotech paid her to raise the child as part of an initiative called Project Apotheosis. What the project was exactly, she did not know.

Alys Grant

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