Diego Entrada

Colombian Drug Lord


Diego Entrada is a drug lord based out of Colombia. He owns several plantations where he cultivates both natural and synthetic drugs. He is in the process of developing a new synthetic drug called Blue Glass which a more powerful version of Blue Ice, a drug he has been selling for years. Its development suffered a set back when a solo raid destroyed his air field, damaged his main Blue Glass lab, and made off with several of his test subjects.

Diego uses kidnapped human test subjects for his new drugs. Often times, these subjects are individuals that others want to make sure suffer before they die. He has been known to provide this service for Arasaka.

After doing a job for the CIA, they learned that Diego had sent an assassin to kill them. The assassin, Mr. M had ties to DMS. This connection was explained when the team was hired by the DEA to find Diego. During the mission, they learned that Diego had a second identity, John Carter, and employee of DMS.

Diego met his end when he was killed by the team at the Las Vegas airport.

Diego Entrada

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