Harvis Renaldo


Harvis Renaldo was a marketing executive for Network 54. In early 2040 he hatched a plan that involved stealing next season’s master tapes of DMS Brain Dance star Shauni Kalnier. He would hire a group of edgerunners to do the job and then sell them out to DMS. While everyone was trying to figure out what happened, he would have Catherine Bergenox, Network 54’s own Brain Dance star reshoot the dramas, doubling her content. Catherine Bergenox will have dealt a blow to her chief rival, Network 54 would reward Renaldo for his genius, and Renaldo had an investment partner ready to short sell DMS stock and then snap it up again for a sizable profit.

Things went wrong early on. Despite using an alias, the edgerunners figured out who he really was. While the theft of the tapes went as planned, he could not sell out the mercs as he planned, because they knew too much about them. Instead, he had another group of mercs, disguised as a DMS security team, blow up their home and try to kill them. They quickly figured out what Harvis was up to.

After being betrayed, the team then told DMS about Harvis Renaldo and his plot. He got his big bonus, and a nice profit from the stock sales, but was now in the crosshairs of DMS. Eventually is was Shauni Kalnier who caught up to Harvis and orchestrated his death.

Harvis Renaldo

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