Sinkia "Helios" Jhong

Gearhead and wheelman



Attribute Base Modified
Body 9 10
Reflexes 10
Movement 8
Intelligence 7
Technical Ability 9
Cool 6
Attractiveness 3
Empathy 5 3
Luck 7

Special Abilities

Fast Healer 3
Vehicle Zen 2
Jury Rig 1

Major Skills

Awareness 3
Pilot Auto 3
Pilot Heavy Truck 3
Stealth 3


2 Bionic Eyes with Ultraviolet, Anti-dazzle, Targeter, Thermo-imager, Telescopic view
Neural Processor with Smart Gun Link, Chipware Socket, Interface Plugs, Vehicle Link
Chipped Skills: SCUBA, French, Russian, Romanian, Electronic Security, Photo Memory, Muay Thai, Ambidextrous
Grafted Muscle, Nasal Filters, Wolvers, Speed Graft, Skin Weave


Sinkia "Helios" Jhong

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