The Luna Family


Tobias Luna is a prominent genetics engineer for Biotechnica, specializing in cloning technology. He is known for being highly intelligent, but extremely cold, able to make calculated decisions in what would normally be emotional situations.

Cassandra Luna was his wife. She was also an employee of Biotechnica, in their marketing department. They had a whirlwind romance and led to a happy marriage, at least for a brief time. It was after their son Mathew was born that things began to go sour. Cassandra enjoyed the night life and the corporate parties that Tobias got her into. After their son was born, he expected her to become less of a socialite and more of a domestic mother. She had no interest, and the relationship fractured.

Things came to a tragic end when after a fight resulted in Cassandra being thrown out of their home, she went looking for revenge. She hired the PCs to kidnap her son under the pretences of Mathew having been kidnapped. The mission was aborted when Riptide realized they had been lied to.

Helios killed Cassandra in a fit of rage. He was spared Tobias’ wrath when it came to be that Tobias had a use for such a heartless killer as he believed Helios to be. Even when things were eventually settled up, it was clear the Tobias harbored a deep hatred for Helios and the PCs.

Tobias would later call on the team again to recover a stolen project.

Much to their surprise, they lives seemed intertwined with Tobias. He even provided help and information for them during an operation in Las Vegas.

After he seemed to betray them on a smuggling job, Tobias resigned his position at Biotechnica and disappeared with his son.

The Luna Family

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