Arasaka is a Japanese security company based out of Tokyo, Japan. They have regional offices based around the world, including Night City. They boast over one million employees, including a hundred thousand troops and five thousand covert operators.

The core of their service is manpower. Arasaka has the best trained security personel money can buy. They can provide covert surveillence teams, personal body guards, facility security guards, municipal police services and paramilitary strike teams. The black clad Arasaka security guard is the globally recognized symbol of top notch corporate security.

Arasaka also makes much of the equipment that its employees use, including weapons. It also sells many of these weapons on the open market. The Arasaks Minami is one of the best selling submachine guns in the world.

Arasaka is also a financial powerhouse. In fact it may be the richest of the mega-corporations. Also, because it provides physical and electronic security to many of the other mega-coroporations, it knows many of their dirty secrets. This is why, despite the fact that many other corporations fear how powerful Arasaka has become, they are afraid to act against it.


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