Cult of the New Dawn

The Cult of the New Dawn has its origins in 1st Century China. Taoist off-shoot, the cult believed that the feudal structure was prohibiting man’s ability to achieve enlightenment. They were quickly put down by warlords and the cult ceased to be for 2,000 years.

In 2014, Dr. Sun Kilacho reestablished the cult in Nevada. The cult bore a simular message that government and corporate tyranny blocked mankind from reaching its potential. Not surprisingly, these quickly put them at odds with said goverments and corporations.

By 2016, membership numbered in the thousands. They began to put pressure on governments to both crack down on corporations as well as get their own houses in order. Dr. Kilacho was arrested for being a anarchist.

During the following five years of his incarceration, others tried leading as he did, but lost their way. The cult had been previously non-violent, but began engaging in attacks on corporate and goverment property.

In 2021, Dr. Kilacho was released from prison. Disappointed by their violent methods, he threw out the leaders who took his place and reestablished the cults non-violent stance. However, a short time later, he wwas badly wounded by a corporate security team and had to again step down as leader. It is believed that he continues to serve in an advisorly role.

Under new leadership, the cult now is based in Warre, Idaho. While the group continues to officially maintain a non-violent stance, they have continued their relationship with some more violent nihilist groups that they befriended during their more aggressive years.

In 2041, the Cult went underground when Arasaka raided the compound, killing nearly half of the cult members and destroying Dr. Kilacho’s construct.

Cult of the New Dawn

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