Based out of Los Angeles, Infocomp, as the name implies, is the world’s largest information dealer. The company was founded by Robert D. Alverez, PhD. Robert served for many years as an information analyist for various think tanks that supplied information for the CIA, DIA, and FBI.

Infocomp stated as an intelligence gathering and data mining company that compiled massive amounts on information on governments, corporations, syndicates, and important individuals. In 2022, the company purchased Eagle Investigations, and EbonTech Research, adding a research and investigation wing to the company.

Today Infocomp has grown into the premier investigation service, not limited to just detective work, but also raw data research, compilation, and theoretical databasing services. Infocomp’s ability to not only find the most obscure pieces of information and the best purchaser for it, but also its ability to predict upcoming events based on current trends has made it a giant in the marketing industry as well.

Infocomp has offices in L.A., San Francisco, Mew York, Washington D.C., Night City, Vancouver, and London. They have roughly 10,000 employees and are believed to employ about 700 troops.


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