Lazarus Military Group

In 2022, Colonel Emile Lazarus retired from the US Military. A West Point graduate, and highly decorated South American vet, he retired because he was done with the US Military, but not with fighting. He spent the next several years working for various mercenary units, but found them inept and unprofessional. He also had no desire to join a corporate unit. It seemed his soldiering days were over.

In 2024 he met a man named Nelson Katzadoulos, a successful business man and entrepeneur. Nelson saw a market for a highly trained professional mercenary unit. Many corporations had an occasional need for a military force, but not the resources to maintain a standing army. Unfortunately Nelson had no military background or any knowledge of how to create such a unit.

Lazarus Military Operation Group was born with Lazarus acting as Chief Military Consultant. Nelson funded the operation, but remained a silent partner. A training facility was established in Montana and experts in tactics and equipment were brought in from all over the world. In 2026, they began training their first 5000 recruits.

Military operations began a few months later. At first they stuck with small jobs that their veterans could handle, but as the green recruits became ready, the contracts started getting larger. By 2029, Lazarus troops began getting involved in full scale wars.

Presently, the Lazarus Group is the most successful and largest specialty military contract service in the world. They have over 250,000 troops and a stellar reputation. As state and corporate conflicts continually heat up, there is no shortage of work the mercenary unit.

Lazarus Military Group

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