Militech is a mega-corporation based in Washington D.C. They have regional offices throughout the world, including in Night City. They have 300,000 employees world wide in addition to another 100,000 troops and an unknown number of covert operators.

The company started out as Armatech-Luccessi International, a small arms manufacturer lead by Antonio Luccessi, an Italian weapons expert. His designs were known for being compact, reliable, and moderately priced. ALI had difficulty breaking into the military market as governments were either tied to contracts based on long standing agreements, or were only interested in the cheapest weapons they could get their hands on.

That changed in 2019, when retired U.S. Marine Corp General Donald Lundee became the CEO. He had seen too many of his service men die because they were equipped with inferior weapons. He had many contacts within the U.S. Military and intended to use them to get his foot in the door.

In 2020, ALI changed its name to Militech, and a year later had its first military contract with its Ronin Light Assault Rifle. The weapon proved successful, and soon contracts were establsihed with militarys around the world.

Today Militech is the dominate military hardware provider in the world. No longer limited to small arms, Militech also manufactures heavy weapons, explosives, chemical and biological weapons, armored vehicles, aircraft, boats and ships, military computers and avionics, field hardware, military accessories, and military cybernetics.


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