Night City

Night City was the vision of architect and engineer Richard Night. He first has the inspiration for it back in 2006. Designed to be corporate friendly, the project immediately gains funding from several multi-national corporations.

In 2009 construction began on what was originally called Corodano City. The mob immediately tried to step in, wanting a huge piece of the construction contracts. Night refused to give in, starting a conflict with the mob that would last until 2014, when Night was murdered in is apartment. The city is renamed Night City in his honor.

With out Richard Night fighting so passionately to keep the mob out of his city, they slowing begin to gain ground, and by 2021, the mob basically runs the city. This would only last for a few years however. Many of the mega-corporations that helped fund an build Night City have by this time large security teams and paramilitary forces. They unite in a war against the mob, driving them out. The corrupt city council is then replaced by representatives of the corporations.

Night City is now a corporate city. It has a mayor elected by the five million citizens that call it home, but the city council members are all appointed by the Night City Charter Corporations. These are the corporations that first invested in the developement of the city. All municipal services are run by these various corporations. Though they are bound by city laws, the corporations are given a very wide berth regarding their operations, and their security teams possess the same level of authority as the Night City Police Department.

Night City

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