Night City Metropolitan Airport

Located South of Night City, the NCMA is the terminus for three transit services.

Night City Metropolitan Airport has connecting flights worldwide. Direct connections with San Francisico leave at 4am, 6am, 1 pm, 8pm, 9pm and 1 Opm; flights to and from Allied SoCal and Los Angeles Metroplex are scheduled at6am, 12pm, 6pm and 12am, weather and
air pirate intercepts permitting. Suborbital flights to the Johnson Space Platform may be booked via Los Angeles International for connection with the Mojave Ohiial Air Facility. Security on all flights is at the passenger’s own risk; bring low-velocity rounds and plan accordingly

Night City International is also a terminal for Pan-Pacific Airway’s new Phoenix-class aero-zeps.
These floating leviathans offer comfort and security unavailable on jet aircraft or aerodynes,
with luxuriously appointed staterooms, grand dining rooms and recreational facilities.
Security is tight (expect a full cybertech and weapon lockdown), and crews are extremely
capable, making this second only to private jet as the choice of the corporate elite. Flights leave once a week for Hawaii, Tokyo, Washington and New York.

Night city is also an end terminus for the transcontinental Planetran MagLev. Daily maglev
trains enter the Airport at 6 am and 1 2am, leaving at 1 2pm and 6pm, with connections to Kansas
City, St Louis, Atlanta and Washington D.C. Maglev travel is relatively safe and reliable; improved screening and weapon security has reduced terrorist actions by over 96%; by comparison, aircraft incidents (particularly involving airpiracy) have increased by 18% in the last eighteen months.

Night City Metropolitan Airport

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