North Oak

The home of the NorCal Military Base, NorthOak is Night City’s closest neighboring city. Smaller than Night City, North Oak’s towering structures and ship superstructures can be seen across the bay from the East Marina. North Oak is a military city, most of its shops sell to military servicemen or their families, and the majority of it’s population is in some way or another associated with this huge miliiary complex.

In the light of vast post-war funding cutbacks and the rise of the Free States, the Pentagon fell back to the concept of “core bases”; large, well defended installations which would protect a regional area, and support units from all four branches of the military. NorCal Military Base was established as part of the deal which allowed Northern California it’s titular independence from the Union as a Free State. The State government doesn’t mind; it keeps the SoCal scum from coming north and raiding for water. NorCal Military homeports Navy ships (the carrier John E Kennedy and cruisers Ticonderogu and Washington, plus assorted support frigates and destroyers), a small Air Force squadron of F-36/jauguar fighters, and a U. S. Army armored battallion with its own AV-7 and AV4 support vehicles.

The city of North Oak is almost entirely federally owned and operated. The “Mayor” is the commander of the base, and of the twelve man city council, eleven are now, or have been in the military. North Oak is no longer even considered a Californian city-M.P.‘s patrol the streets instead of police, and all justice is handled in a military court under a miliiary version of the Uniform Justice Code. The crime rate is a mere percentage of Night City’s, thanks to the fact that the military runs North Oak with an iron fist, acting as judge, jury, and executioner in all criminal cases. If you live in North Oak, you’d better be prepared to follow the federal lead. Firing squads have come back into fashion.

Living on North Oak wide, oak-shaded streets can be quite agreeable. The homes are pleasant, pastel-colored bungaloes with identical numbered curbs. Schools are excellent and the Base Hospital, Theatre, Officers and Enlistedman’s Clubs and the Base Exchange shopping mall will provide almost anything you might want.

North Oak

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