The Ocean Technology & Energy Corporation started out building oil rig platforms and ocean research facilities. Over the years, it has expanded to ships and submarines as well, including several military contracts. In addition to construction, they also provide services to help operate and maintain ocean going vessels and platforms.

OTEC also maintains a sizable security force. The oceans are a vast non-policed area where entire corporate wars can be waged without anyone really noticing.

With the collapse of IHAG, OTEC has been attempting to buy up its stock. However, they have found themselves in immediate conflict with CINO. The two corporations have become more aggressive with OTEC signing a security contract with Militech just in case things get nasty.

The competition for IHAG stock escalated into all out war. The war waged for several weeks until a treaty was signed in February 27th, 2041, with no clear winner.


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