Pacifica is an upperclass residential suburb of Night City. It is located along the cliff walls of the Pacific Coast. It is one of the safest suburbs as its police force is a contracted Militech security force. Pacifica is also home to Playland by the Sea, an amusement park that draws crowds from San Francisco as well as Night City.

Pacific is divided into smaller zones. Westwind is an upper middle class neigborhood that is owned primarily by Militech. Although corps from any company can make residence here, Militech employees get preferred treatment when multiple buyers are after the same home. Westwind’s community association is known for an extreme left-wing attitude, and its inhabitants can expect a visit from an association representative if they are ever caught saying anything even remotely politically incorrect.

Coastview is for celebrities and the executive class. These high end mansions are located right on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Security here is extremely tight. Punks who try to cross from the public beach into Coastview territory find themselves quickly surrounded by well armed troops.

Playland by the Sea opened in 2023, and continues to be a popular entertainment site. In addition to traditional amusement park fare, the park also has many braindance games as well as Live Action Roleplaying activities.

The Pacifica Arcology is located on the South end of Pacifica. It is a massive structure, easily ten times the size of the New Harbor Mallplex. It was built by Chinese investors and is home to roughly 100,000 people. As with most arcologies, it is self sufficient, and residents are rarely seen outside of it.


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