Enrico "Stringer" Estevez


Rico is a South American War vet and former member of LRT-601. Unlike the other members of that unit, after the war, Rico did not stay in touch. He became a mercenary and stuck all of his earnings into more and more cybernetics. A tortured man who has been forced by his own weaknesses into living a life of violence for 15 years. He is borderline cyberpsychotic, prone to violent rage and with little compassion for humans.

Things finally came to a head when he was contracted to do a job with Union Force. He became unhinged while at a meeting at a Night City night club and ended up killing a number of innocent civilians. Following this incident, he was forced to flee the city as the SPARS were after him.

Although he successfully escaped, he would later be forced to return and turn himself in as SPARS Commander McCarty was putting pressure on anyone involved in the incident.

Enrico "Stringer" Estevez

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