Metalstrom is large ‘club’ catering to the hardest (and loudest) of chromatic rock tastes. It was designed in an attempt to blend the best of both rock bar and concert hall, and the resulting ambience is quite unsettling. Fortunately,most of the patrons are too brain-dead to notice, so the place is a success.

The decor borders on the indestructible. Bars and mirrors are polished steel (dented with abuse), and chairs and tables are made of resilient plastic. After much experimentation (and financial outlay), the owner of the club (a canny corporate who hates music) decided to purchase breakaway furniture. The chair and tables fall apart when overstressed, which makes brawls inside Metalstrom look like a Hollywood western. The Chromers naturally credit their brawny physiques. Although the club doesn’t open until 4:00 PM, workers arrive here every morning at 9:OO AM to reassemble the furniture.

Bands which make regular appearances include Armed Havoc, Blood and Ice, and the Destructors. Most of the juves who attend this club are armed, as the Chromers enjoy their violence almost as much as their music. Although the reputation of the bar precedes itself, many still come to fight, drink and dance.

Due to the extremely territorial nature of Chromers, many fights have started over who has the right to control the area surrounding Metalstrom. Finally, in a mass battle with single representatives from each gang inside the Slammer‘s arena, it was decided that the Back Alley Brawlers, a guardian vigilante gang, would control the block. Although the police don’t spend much time patrolling this area, it’s pretty well-behaved. It’s well known that members of the Brawlers deal out street justice to those violating the local code of conduct (as posted around the block by the Brawlers).


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