In 2013, the Russians had the capacity to recover only a fraction of their oil reserves, the largest in the world. In 2018, after a massive campaign of expansion and modernization, the Russian Oil Industry was strong enough to break away from direct state control. When the Soviet Union reformed in 2019, the company retained most of its indepenance, but changed its name to Soviet World Oil Industries, or SovOil as it was called by the general public.

In 2022, SovOil acquired the rights to grow T. Megasauvis, the grain crop that is used to create CHOOH2. It did not grow as well in Central Asia as it did in North America, and its refinement process was not as good as Petrochem’s. But with so much land available to grow it on, SovOil quickly became nearly 30% of the world’s supply.

In 2023, Petrochem, which already had a majority lock on CHOOH2 production, was looking to secure oil drilling sites in Russia and the North China Sea. SovOil devoted all of its resources to preventing this from happening. Things ultimately turned violent, leading to the Second Corporate War. SovOil was the victor, and to this day holds exclusive drilling rights to the world’s largest remaining oil reserves.

SovOil is the seventh largest corporation in the world. The USSR relies so heavily on their success that its rumored that SovOil actually runs the new Soviet Union. SovOil has 800,00 employees world wide and over 150,000 security troops as well as a massive cadre of some 50,000 secret police and specialists. The SovOil secret police are as feared today as the KGB was in the days of the old Soviet Union.

SovOil is headquartered in Moscow, with regional offices in St. Peterburg, Vladivostok, Tokyo, Beijing, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Syndey, Algiers, Rio De Janiero, Havana, Washington, and Night City.


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